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Roberta Mariotti

She was born in Modena in 1963. In 1988 she graduated in psychology at the Padua University with a postgraduate course in 1989 in cultural and social anthropology. Since 1990 she has been working as a consultant psychologist and trainer in business. In 1996 she specialized in communication and problem solving and strategic short-term psychotherapy at the Strategic Therapy Centre of Arezzo (directed by Professor Giorgio Nardone).

She has been a professor at the School of Communication and Managerial Problem Solving (either in Arezzo, Milan or Madrid) and the School of Specialization in Brief Strategic Psychotherapy.

She is a consultant and holds numerous training courses for companies, public and private corporations about strategic communication and problem solving, self-efficacy, management and development for individuals and groups, charisma and leadership, effective communication, persuasion, attraction, negotiation, development of personal power, public speaking and change management .

For over 15 years she has been providing consulting, coaching, research and training for companies and organizations in the health, sports, educational and social field.

She is a personal trainer and coach of athletes, trainers, artists, professionals and business executives in order to communication and personal power, self-efficacy, manage stress and improve performance.

She has worked with various public and private corporations including: the Italian Army, AIOP Emilia Romagna, Bologna Federfarma, Tamoil Italy, Technogym, ABN AMRO – Antonveneta, Amir, CASO Madrid, IRECOOP Emilia Romagna, IFOC of Bari, Assefor in Florence, Chambers of Commerce of Bologna, Rimini, Savona, Sassari, Varese, Enfap Liguria, CSV Ferrara, American Express, Alpitour CENSIS, Club Med,  Aquafan Riccione,  Ente Fiera Rimini, Academy of Commerce and Tourism of Trento, Academy Charming, Luiss University of Rome, Bocconi University of Milan, Strategic Therapy Center, Order of Lawyers of Rimini, Order of Psychologists in Umbria region, Trademark Italia, Mirabilandia.

Along with Giorgio Nardone, from 1999 to 2003, she supervised the project for a selective formation in the Italian Army (within a plan for upgrading the army according to the European standards) and developed a consulting and training process within the General Staff of the Italian Army. In 2007 she founded the Nardone, Watzlawick non-profit organization in which she was the chairwoman.

After a partnership in Trademark Italy (1990-97) and in Teamwork (1998-2007) of Rimini, in 2008 she established Consulenza Strategica and in 2009 together with Barbara Martinini created the School of Communication and personal power ®, where she performed original formative, coaching courses and active researching on the individual and team.

Besides editing publications and articles about psychological and organizational issues, she published “La terapia dell’azienda malata. Strategic problem solving for organizations “(2000, Ponte alle Grazie,Publishers, Milan, translated in Spanish).

In 2011 she published: “Osservare per prevenire, agire per cambiare. Communication and strategic problem solving for teachers” (research-action carried out for the 3rd and 9th Didactic Circle of Ravenna).

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