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You’ll never be ready before:
you will become after having done so

Matteo Rampin


Sports Coaching is an activity of strategic consulting for those who play an individual sport or team, both competitive and amateur.

The trainer acts as a strategic consultant to facilitate the achievement of individual and group performance in sports. Sports Coaching is the ad hoc consulting based on the situation and needs of the athlete, the team or the coach.

Once identified the goal to achieve, the coach builds with the athletes the strategies and the program of action according to the development of performance desired.

The Sports Coaching is used in order to:

- Overcome emotional blocks that prevent from improving performance

- Push the limits and increase the potential

- Achieve the optimal mental and physical balance

- Manage the stress of competition

- Manage the performance’s anxiety

- Increase the power of concentration and the ability to control your mind


The Sports Coaching is used by teams, coaches and trainers for:

- Selecting and create high-performance team

- Stimulating, maintain and develop team spirit

- Enhancing the leadership skills

- Developing plans for improvement and for effective action

- Creating involvement towards achieving the goals

- Instilling commitment, passion and determination in order to achieve results

To facilitate change and support in the development of sports performance Roberta Mariotti, Cecilia Morini, Matteo and Matteo Rampin Loporchio use coaching, process consulting, communication techniques and strategic problem solving, techniques of hypnosis and brief strategic psychotherapy applied with success in many sports, professional and amateur.

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