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It is not the strongest of the species that survives,

nor the most intelligent,

but the one most responsive to changes

Charles Darwin


Coaching is a process aimed at achieving goals and problem-solving. The coach supports and helps people in finding effective and flexible ways to achieve the objectives.

Coaching is a strategic process of discovery and change that can be done either in groups or individually, where each person is facilitated by the coach to recognize and exploit the personal resources, to develop an effective plan of action to unlock critical situations, overcoming barriers, facilitating changes, achieving the desired objectives.

During a process of strategic coaching the consultant doesn’t assume the role of expert who gives advice or specialist who diagnosed the organizational formula, but supports the clients in building a path to the facilitation of change, or in finding ways to achieve objectives by developing their capacity and skills.

Coaching is a strategic process that allows you to work on individual resources and limits without revealing their own weakness, while sharing responsibility within the group, in order to achieve common goals.



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