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Cecilia Morini

Cecilia Morini, psychologist – psychotherapist, has her own practice in Italy (Città di Castello and Gubbio).

She awarded her degree in Clinical Psychology at La Sapienza University in Rome. In 2000 she applied to Legal Pshychology Proficiency Course, University of Urbino with Prof. Daniela Pajardi.

She dedicated 2 years to neuropsychological subjects, collaborating in senile dementia diagnosis in the “Cronos Project”in the “UVA Centre” of the local public health service, Neuroscience Department of the University of Perugia for neuropsychology evaluations, taking part in numerous research activities and University III of Milan (Prof. Hans Spinnler) participating in the diagnostic study of people with suspected active cognitive deterioration .

In 2002 she decided to follow her path as a psychotherapist, travelling to California (Mental Research Institute, Palo Alto, California, USA – August–September 2003 and July–September 2004. San Diego Health and Community Services CA, USA – August-September 2005 -2006).

She awarded post graduated degree in Brief Strategic Therapy in January 2007 at the School of Strategic Therapy in Arezzo (founded by Giorgio Nardone and Paul Watzlawick). The interest and passion for sport guided her to apply to a Master Degree in Sport Psychology in Milan (Psicosport – prof. Muzio and S. Gamba int. basketball coach) 2009- 20010. She started working with tennis players on 2006. From that moment on she focused on connection between mind and body and every aspects of wellbeing. In 2011 and 2012 she attended to a yoga training for pregnancy (Birthlight level I and II) in UK.. Since 2011 she’s working with an Italian fencing Olympic champion – silver and gold medal ( London 2012) and world champion (Budapest 2013). In September 2013 became member of the Global Professional Tennis Coach Association and international tennis coach certified by ATP. Now she’s working with Roberta Mariotti, Matteo Rampin and Matteo Loporchio in a project to develop a new Sport Psychology approach.



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